How you can help

You can help by adopting one of the 305 innocent children who never grew up to fulfill their God given destiny. We are asking you today to make a donation of $3.05 or $30.50 and tell your family and friends to help us and make a donation of $3.05 or $30.50 to pay for our Monument without Jim Jones name on it.

These innocent children deserve to rest in peace without being continually victimized by Jim Jones on their final resting place. Please make your donation today.

Help us honor the innocent children because innocent children are not responsible. A Memorial Wall with Jim Jones’ name added disrespects all children who have been murdered and sends a message to our children worldwide that it’s ok to kill them and celebrate the name of their murderer leaving them  feeling vulnerable. Adding Jim Jones name on the Memorial disrespects the families who lost loved ones and it disrespects our collective communities. A memorial without murderer Jim Jones’ name on it raises public awareness and teaches the lessons of Jonestown where 305 children died, that you should never allow anyone to isolate you, think for you and determine your or your children’s destiny. Help us today to say to  predators and murderers of the innocent, “That they do not deserve to be remembered in honor on the memorial’s of their victims.”  You can help us raise public awareness on keeping our children safe through their memorial and create real, lasting change for children and their communities and the way their murderers are viewed.

What will your donation do?

By helping us to erect the Children’s Memorial where all 917 names will be listed you will help other children feel comfortable in knowing that you defended the innocence of 305 children who was ordered to be killed first by Jim Jones. You will help keep a murderers name off their memorial and say, “That violence against children is not acceptable and that innocent children are not responsible for the inexplicable acts of evil conferred upon them by their predators and murderers who steal their innocence, destroy their lives and kill them.”

Just $3.05 or $30.50 will raise public awareness and a percentage of your donation will provide children scholarships in the 21st Century. We have pledged a percentage of all funds raised to go to Children’s non profit programs and scholarships.  Your donation will help us to continue to raise public awareness on learning and sharing the lessons of Jonestown and violence against our most vulnerable assets, our children.

Never forget the children they deserve to be remembered in dignity.

If you would like to help support this event you can make a donation today. We need to rent a generator as we have no electricity on the hill.

Additionally, we are renting chairs, tables, etc. We are bringing seniors and children to the event and you can sponsor their trip or hotel room by making a donation today.

If you would like to help us and receive a T-Shirt and/or souvenir book or DVD from the event, you will be able to make a donation and select your gift. For more information, email us @

If are interested in receiving any of the souvenir gifts OR getting an ad in the book that will be released within 30 days, email us @, with SOUVENIR BOOK in the Subject line.