Honoring the Innocent Children Of Jonestown
@Evergreen Cemetery 6450 Camden St. Oakland, CA

Our hope is that this Wall will vindicate their hearts at a resting place with a fitting memorial where they are forever acknowledged by the world and cherished by the loving people who mourn them.

We must begin the journey to healing and lift the veil of shame by honoring them as we unveil and dedicate a part of the Cherishing the Children Jonestown Healing Wall at the gravesite in Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery where 406 victims are buried.

  • We must raise the lives of these children who perished by guise of a demon’s Flavor-Aid that was fed to them in 100 degree weather. Those dear children cried and screamed into the silence of the night.
  • Our wall is in the spirit of others whose lives were lost due to hate or ignorance, such as in the Jewish Holocaust, the African slave trade, the Columbine shootings, the Vietnam War, 9/11 and most recently the tragedy at Virginia Tech.
  • This memorial wall will honor the children and others, who were victimized by Jim Jones, including Congressman Leo Ryan and the UPI news crew.”
  • With the Wall, we will honor their lives and pay tribute to their dreams as well as their promise to live out their God-given destiny, if only, they had lived.
  • With this Wall, the great gift of today is that the era of fear, the legacy of hatred and the control of Jim Jones is broken – crushed by the wall of healing, justice, peace and hope for these children.